My Works

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  • The Hidden Ones

Alessandra was sick.

But that was just the beginning to hardship; as seasons passed, she couldn’t help but ask herself more questions and lust day and night for the answers – yet they were nowhere to be found.

And so when a possibility to get answers came, she chased after it eagerly…

…what came after, was not that easy to assimilate though.

She couldn’t escape it, the gloom, all because of the small person inside her that still, even with all the struggles, hung to life with all her remaining strength.

She understood the science behind it – synapses gone wrong, chemical imbalance, serotonin and norepinephrine decreasing whilst cortisol skyrocketed…

But the worst part was that she didn’t even know whether it was something due to her emotions, or the medications promising to keep the beast inside at bay – and that fuelled her anger every time.


  • The Forgotten Ones

The problems in the human world were just the tip of the iceberg. To get to the root of the problem, Alessandra and her friends must head back to where it all started: Lumealumoava, the land of magic.

Although in reality, what awaits them there, is far from magical.

She symbolised hope and offered light in times of darkness… and it was that strength that everyone else sitting in that conference room was seeking. She could feel the eyes of the deities of the Winter Principalities on her, and could also see the worry plastered all over the faces of the delegates of the Southern Provinces…

The desperation of all those neglected ones could not be ignored by her.

Everyone else had refused them, but she wouldn’t – they were begging her to take over, and she would.

The Forgotten Ones, the ones who hadn’t had a chance, the ones that could not choose because, according to the scarlet nobility, they had no right to. She represented them, and she would do everything at hand to protect them.

Cancelling the so called “Miracle Policy” was the start.


  • The Rara Avis

A prequel to the world of The Hidden Ones and The Forgotten Ones, currently just a Work-in-Progress.

Travel back to Vienna in the 80s, and follow the story of three teenagers fighting a sect looking forward to exterminating them for being different.

  • Songs of the Seasons

A short story compilation consisting of realistic fiction stories centred around the seasons of the year. Just a Work-in-Progress so far.

  • Loom

A poetry compilation consisting mostly of poems about falling in and out of love.

  • Sadness & Unhappiness: a story about unreliable language

Collaboration project about the issues of non-native speakers communicating with one another in a language other than their mother tongue.

  • Mors tua, Vita mea

NaNoWriMo 2017 project. Gothic literature with a hint of magical realism.